Knowing Bros (아는 형님/Aneun Hyeongnim, alternately titled Knowing Brother or Ask Us Anything) is a weekly variety show on JTBC that premiered on December 5th, 2015. Its current hosts include Super Junior's Kim Hee-chul - a Red Velvet labelmate at SM - along with singer Min Kyung-hoon (Buzz) and rapper Lee Sang-min (Roo'ra).

The show started with the cast taking questions sent in from viewers and trying to answer them through dialogue or experimentation. The current format, introduced in Episode 17, involves the cast as schoolboys welcoming the guests to their school as transfers. Current recurring elements also include a first-period introductory quiz called "Try To Guess Me" given by each guest about himself or herself where the hosts can be rewarded or punished based on their answers, and also gives the opportunity for the guests to showcase talents. Another recurring segment is a skit that the show calls the "Three No's" (No Concept, No Basis, No Script), during which the recurring cast take turns interacting with a situation presented by the guests (for example, in the case of Wendy, Seulgi, Yeri and Joy, dealing with troublesome daughters.)

Red Velvet has appeared on the show twice. Wendy, Seulgi, Yeri and Joy appeared on Episode 21 in April 2016, while Irene, who had a scheduling conflict for the other members' appearance, appeared eight episodes later in June. Other idols who have appeared on the show include Girls Generation's Sunny, Sistar, Lovelyz, Twice, I.O.I. and GFriend.


  • Kim Hee-chul (Super Junior)
  • Min Kyung-hoon (Buzz)
  • Lee Sang-min (Roo'ra)
  • Kang Ho-dong (Ssireum wrestler/comedian)
  • Lee Soo-geun (Comedian)
  • Seo Jang-hoon (Basketball player/entertainer)
  • Kim Young-chul (Comedian)

Red Velvet AppearancesEdit

English subtitles are courtesy of ReVelUp Subs.

Episode Appearing Members Other Guests Initial Air Date English Subtitled Video
21 Wendy, Yeri, Seulgi & Joy None 4/23/2016 Full Episode / Heechul Interviews Red Velvet for Facebook Live
29 Irene Kim Jong-hyun (SHINee) 6/18/2016 Part 1 / Part 2 / Deleted Scene
84 Irene, Wendy, Yeri, Seulgi & Joy None 7/15/2017 Self cam

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